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The 4 Faces of Business Casual
and Their Impact on Your Professional Image

Today, almost every company has some sort of business casual as part of their dress code. It has caused some grief for management and has had a negative impact on women professionals. In 2001, Yankelovich Partners conducted an omnibus study on behalf of the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association and Women Work! that revealed 84% of Americans believe a woman뭩 appearance affects whether she is asked to represent her company at outside meetings.

The challenge is determing which of the four business casual levels gives you a polished professional image and suits your work environment.


Creating a Professional Image

Appearance still counts, even in today's casual environment. In fact, appearance counts, especially in today's casually environment. One of the biggest problems that companies have encountered since the implementing of the casual dress code, is defining exactly what casual means in the corporate environment. Casual Fridays have morphed into casual Monday through Friday and that has morphed into casual Monday through Thursday with blue jean Fridays.

According to a survey conducted by Accutempts, 39% of managers feel that workers dress too casually. More...

Help for Dressing
Your Body Type

The fit of your clothes impact your professional image. But, one of our greatest challenges is dressing our body type. The designers create for hourglass, size 0 figures. But according to a survey by SizeUSA, the average American woman is a size 14. Moreover, 64 percent of women are pear-shaped, while 30 percent are straight.

Here, we address ways to dress to flatter your shape and improve your professional image. More...

Can I Wear This to Work?

Dresses have made a comeback. The advantage of wearing dresses is it is easy. Just slip it on and you are good to go. But not all dresses are suitable for work. You would think that statement goes without saying. But I have seen everything from micro mini dresses (aka shirts!) to cocktail dresses. Some dresses blur the line between business casual and too casual. Continue...




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