Cropped Pants – Professional Image or Casual Image

The magazines have been telling us for several seasons that cropped pants will not call your professional image into question. However, according to a non-scientific survey that Polished Professional Image conducted, only 43% of the respondent think cropped pants are appropriate for work in a business casual environment. These respondents included HR professionals as well as office workers and entrepreneurs.

I have always contended that cropped pants are a poor choice if you want to present a professional image at work. They just don’t pass the professional image test. They have a very casual affect even in a business casual environment. What’s more, they are not very flattering on most figures. The optical illusion of cropped pants is they make the wearer appear shorter and usually wider. Unless this is your goal, you should avoid them.

There are better choices which are less likely to call your professional image into question. When in doubt, go with tailored, classic pants.

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About Bonnie Mahaffey

Bonnie believes that the business casual environment has made it very challenging for women to compete in the corporate arena. "Perception is everything and women, historically, are not perceived as seriously business-minded when they are dressed casually. The mission of Polished Professional Image is to help women choose the most effective business image based on their professional goals and work environments."
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