Revisit Your Professional Image this Season

If you’re like me, September makes you want to go shopping for a new fall wardrobe. It goes back to shopping for new school clothes. If you are unable to resist the urge to shop this fall, and you are looking to add more dresses to your professional wardrobe, consider adding the sheath dress.

This dress gives you a classic, hourglass silhouette and easily goes from day to night. There are a couple of challenges –aren’t there always challenges? –to wearing the sheath. The first is fit. A sheath that is too big will look like a sack. One the fit too tightly, looks, well, too tight. Another challenge is accessorizing so that it is not too bland.

Jessica London has created a video which will give you some styling ideas for sheath dresses.

With the right fit and styling, the sheath is a great addition to your professional wardrobe.

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About Bonnie Mahaffey

Bonnie believes that the business casual environment has made it very challenging for women to compete in the corporate arena. "Perception is everything and women, historically, are not perceived as seriously business-minded when they are dressed casually. The mission of Polished Professional Image is to help women choose the most effective business image based on their professional goals and work environments."
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