Polished Professional Image – T.H.R.I.V.E.

I attended a panel discussion hosted by The YWCA and Benedictine University entitled Women in the Workplace – Overcoming Obstacles and Getting to the C-Suite. Awesome panel.

On the subject of promotability, Tanesha Pittman, executive director of the Women’s Institute at Benedictine University said we have to T.H.R.I.V.E.

T enacity. Hold fast to your goals.
H umility. In your successes, be humble.
R esilience. Be able to bounce back from setbacks
I nnovation. Explore new ideas; come up with a new, more efficient methods.
V ision. Have a clear plan.
E xpand. Never stop gowing.

Ms. Pittman also advised to network with those who can benefit you. Following these canons will give you the upperhand in your persuit to the C-suite.

One more thing to remember, from Polished Professional Image’s canons, is a quote from designer Kenneth Cole – “Dress the part, unless you don’t want it.”

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About Bonnie Mahaffey

Bonnie believes that the business casual environment has made it very challenging for women to compete in the corporate arena. "Perception is everything and women, historically, are not perceived as seriously business-minded when they are dressed casually. The mission of Polished Professional Image is to help women choose the most effective business image based on their professional goals and work environments."
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