Goalsetting – Every Step Counts

Okay, roll up your sleeves… Using a separate sheet of paper for each year, write the goal for each year at the top of the page. You are going to write the processes for achieving each of those goals. This time, though, start with the closest goal, the six month goal. These processes are what you have to do to get to your six month goal from where you are right now. Are there classes that you need to take? Write it down. Do you need to take on more responsibility? Write that down. Do you need to enlist a mentor?

Write the processes and the expected time frame for completion. Make sure the processes are something that you can measure (how else will you know if you have reached a goal if you have no way to measure it?) and something that you have control over. For example, on your goal to become executive VP, the process can’t be “current VP resigns”. You have no control over that; unless, you plan to get on her nerves so badly that she just quits. I don’t recommend that strategy, however!!

So, go ahead and start writing the processes for reaching your 6 month goals.

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