Goalsetting – Tips

This is where you get down to the nitty-gritty of your goal setting; where you get your hands dirty, figuratively speaking. But first, here are some guidelines for writing effective goals from the guys at ThinkTQ.com.

  • Make all of your dreams real by first identifying and then focusing on specific, tangible targets for what you want
  • Set your goals so they are directly aligned with your life’s mission, purpose and passion
  • Create goals high enough to ignite your spirit and inspire you to take action
  • Write down all your goals in specific, measurable detail
  • Absolutely, unconditionally commit to hitting each of your targets
  • Share your goals with others for mutual accomplishment
  • Set a whole series of related daily, weekly and long-term goals, complete with starting times and completion dates
  • Take 10 minutes every day to imagine how terrific it will feel when your goals are actually realized
  • Take an action step toward the attainment of at least one goal every day
  • Okay, roll up your sleeves… It’s time to lay out the details.

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