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Can I Wear  This to Work? - Survey Results

The results are in! We conducted a short, unscientific survey to get a handle on the new definition of professional image. We are going to show some of those responses here on Can I Wear This to Work.

Dresses have made a comeback. The advantage of wearing dresses is it is easy. Just slip it on and you are good to go. But not all dresses are suitable for work. You would think that statement goes without saying. But I have seen everything from micro mini dresses (aka shirts!) to cocktail dresses. Some dresses blur the line between business casual and too casual.

Sundresses blur that line. Are they or are they not appropriate for the office? Less than 31% of the survey respondents think so.

Here are some of your comments about sundresses in a business environment:

"As long as these dresses are paired with a jacket or a cardigan, they should be okay."

"these options are very weekend - the sleeveless might work if there is an option for a cardigan or jacket - Must be careful of length and neckline "

"Sundress, maybe. Depends on the environment. "

"Has business casual gone this far downhill? "

"Sundress as long as it maintains some modesty. "

"it would have to be a very casual office"

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