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Professional Image for the Petite Body Type

What do you do when you are under five feet and your colleagues treat you like a college student? You improve your professional image.  That is one of the greatest complaints that petites have. Add a casual work environment to the mix and it can spell disaster to a petite who is looking for career advancement.

We all believe that a person should be judged on performance and not appearance. But the truth of the matter is, first impressions are long-lasting impressions. And often that first impression is visual. If you look like a college student, you will have to work very hard to not be treated like one. In fact, you will work harder at that than at the job you are hired to do.

So, how do you overcome being treated like a college student? Take that option off of the table by making sure your professional image is always up to par. That means making the extra effort to look mature (not old and matronly, but like an adult who can handle her responsibilities). Here are a few tips:

  • No matter what your style personality is, remember that a little make-up goes a long way. You do not have to be "camera-ready", but you will need to apply a classic make-up look.
  • Sophisticated, well fitted clothes give you a more mature look. Look youthful not like a youth.
  • Keep frilly outfits to a minimum.
  • Make sure your accessories complement your body. Big accessories make petites look smaller.
  • Cropped pants tend to make you look shorter and wider. The more leg shown the taller and leaner you look.

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No one has a perfect body. The key is to dress the body that you have in the most flattering way for your body type. We are going to take a look at different body shapes and how to dress them so that they are most flattering, so check back often. If you have a specific question, feel free to email your question and we will get a response to you.

For help finding the right outfit for work, contact Polished Professional Image. Call Bonnie at 312 909-8351 or email bonnie@polishedprofessionalimage.com

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