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Polished Professional Image consulting provides closet analysis, wardrobe planning, figure analysis and clothing line & design, make-up analysis for women who want to succeed. We also offer seminars on professional image, social and corporate protocol, dress code guidance.

Closet Analysis

shopping.jpg - 3522 BytesAre your closets filled to the max, but you still have nothing to wear? The outfit that makes you look like a candidate for CEO could be "hiding" in your closet. During the Closet Analysis we organize all of your clothes; from blouses to shoes. After we identify all of your clothes, we will help you put to-gether business capsules from your existing wardrobe, and identify any "holes" that need to be filled.

Wardrobe Planning

After identifying the "holes" in your existing wardrobe, we will show you which items you should consider adding. Using the Season of Successsm system, we will help you select the clothing styles and colors which give you the professional look that you need to succeed.

Figure Analysis

What is your body style? Hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle or rectangle? Knowing your body style will help you determine what style of clothing is the most flattering for you. After making a personalized body graph, we will show you how to accentuate your strong points and downplay your less than perfect areas using silhouette line and color.

Make-Up Analysis

Image doesn뭪 stop at clothing. Putting your best face forward is equally important. This means proper make-up application. Did you know that the two biggest make-up mistakes are too much make-up and too little make-up. The most effective look for business is an understated look that is classic and elegant without looking made-up.




eyeshadow.jpg - 2328 BytesUsing the Face-ing Successsm system, we will select the correct foundation and the most flattering color cosmetics for your skin tone. We will teach you the proper application techniques so that you can wear you make-up with confidence.

Online Workshops

Your Success Depends on Your Ability to

  • Turn Dreams and Visions into Reality

  • Create a Personal PR Campaign

  • Create a Professional Image

  • Find a Star to Hitch on to and

  • Practice Good Business Etiquette

But who has time to spend a full day or even a half day in a workshop to learn these success skills? You뭨e too busy working on succeeding. Because of your busy schedule, the Give Yourself a Boost Workshops have come to the World Wide Web. They are designed to help you align your professional image with your career goals.

Corporate Services

We give full and half-day seminar on how to project a professional image, corporate protocol and how to work a room. We will also help you with your dress code policy. Call for an outline of our programs.

Polished Professional Image consulting can help you present yourself as a professional regardless of your company's dress code. Give us a call today for a consultation.

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