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Give Yourself a Boost Workshops
These workshops are designed to help you build the skills that you need to succeed.

Creating A Roadmap to Success 

How will you measure your success? By the goals that you achieve. One behavior that marks a successful woman is that she is a goal setter. She takes her goals out of the fuzzy, "someday" part of her brain and commits it to paper. In this hands-on, interactive class, you will learn the value of setting goals and how to set achievable goals. Start thinking about where you want to be in five years.

Climbing the Ladder of Success -- Creating A Professional Image

This class will help you succeed by helping you understand the importance of creating and maintaining a professional image. Even in today's casual environment, you will need to look like you belong in the executive suite before you will ever get there. When you have a professional image you represent yourself and your company in a professional light. It shows management that you are committed to your career.  In this class you will learn techniques for refining your image based on your professional goals and your work environment — formal or casual.

Campaign for Success

You don't have to spend twenty years in a job that you hate. Plan your career every step of the way. In this class, you will learn how to determine your best fit within your organization. And to make sure you are positioned for success, you will learn how to develop your personal public relations campaign.

Hitch Yourself to a Star

An advocate can make your rise to the top a lot smoother! You’ll learn the value of having a mentor and how to choose one to boost you to the top. You will also learn what is expected of you as the mentee.

Etiquette - It's About More Than Silverware!

In an world where social skills appear to be non-exixtent, they truly are an important part of image. Knowing how to make proper introductions can make you stand out from the crowd. This class will teach you the finer points of business etiquette; from cubicle etiquette (yes, there are cubicle rules)  to using the correct silverware.

Workshop Schedule:
New workshops are forming for the Fall 2008, including a networking workshop and networking event combo. Check back for the schedule
























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